Matt Crick

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  • A bit about me...

    I'm an independent documentary filmmaker and educator. I've directed and produced a feature-length award-winning documentary on the 1950s Universal film Creature from the Black Lagoon, called ​Creature Feature: 60 Years of the Gill-Man distributed through Shadowplay Entertainment as well as a short documentary on a pre-Civil War fort in Queens, New York. My feature-length documentary project, Paper Tiger, recently won a Bronze Telly Award for the film's fundraising trailer. I have more than 30 years of experience in video, television broadcast, corporate, independent, and educational video production. I've created hundreds of hours of creative content and am an independent award-winning and skilled director, writer, camera operator, and editor. I have over 22 years of experience teaching media production to University students from around the world.

  • Directorial Work

    A selection of projects I've directed, written, edited and in some cases shot.

    Everyday Things

    Created in a Television Studio, I directed, wrote, shot, and edited this Art piece. Everyday Things is about layers, not just layers created through technology, but also the layers in our own daily routine, like getting ready for a date. Presented as stock footage, these hyper-ordinary routinized video scenes and their meanings are embedded in three different time shifts and shaped by the sounds of a slow-motion crowd, a man, and a woman. We hear what might be in the minds of the on-screen characters. Maybe they aren't as happy and excited as they appear. Daily technology drives our decisions, and Everyday Things also captures the technological determinism that impacts us.

    Tea Time

    I shot, directed, wrote, edited, and produced this 16mm black and white film short. This film was shot on Kodak 16 mm film and the rough cut was edited on a 4-plate Steenbeck film editor.



    Best Micro Short - Rotterdam Independent Film Festival, 2022

    Semi-Finalist - Berlin Shorts Award Festival, 2022

    Semi-Finalist - Hong Kong Indie Film Festival, 2022

    Semi-Finalist - Best Short Director Austin International Art Festival, 2022

    Semi-Finalist - Best Short Experimental - Hamburg Indie Festival 2022


    Boxes: Memento Mori

    I directed, wrote, edited, and produced this short documentary about my dad.



    Best Short Documentary in the Chicago Filmmaker Awards



    This is a short project for my documentary Sugar: A Complicated Relationship. I directed, wrote, shot, and edited this piece. This project utilizes original interviews directed and shot by me, a green screen, and stock footage.

    AUCC Fundraising Video

    Short fundraising client video for AUCC (Al Ummah Community Center). I directed, wrote, edited, and produced this piece. This piece won a Telly award for directing. This piece was shot entirely using Drone footage.

    Creature Feature

    A short sample from Creature Feature: 60 Years of the Gill-Man. I directed, shot, produced, and edited this 76 minutes piece. This documentary is available through a variety of retail outlets.

    Opening Sequence

    Directed and story creator for this 2D sequence for a motion graphics reel.

    Paper Tiger

    Fundraising trailer for my personal documentary. I wrote, directed, edited, shot, and produced this piece. This piece won Telly awards for directing and editing.

    Author Video

    Short author video for Cognella Academic Publishing. This piece utilizes stock footage. I wrote, directed, edited, and produced this piece.

    University Promotion

    I produced, wrote and edited this 2015 promotional piece for William Paterson University

  • Education

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    Fairleigh Dickinson University

    M.F.A - 2025 - In Progress

    Directing in Film

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    Rutgers University

    Ph.D. Communication - 2011

    Media Studies

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    Brooklyn College, CUNY

    M.S. in Programming Management - 2000

    Media Studies and Production

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    University of Arizona

    B. F. A - 1991

    Media Production